Regular (Boat Owner)
1st Adult: $50.00
2nd Adult: $0.00
Child: $0.00
2024-04-18 – 2025-04-17
12 Months

Regular membership renews on the anniversary date of joining.  The club requires a phone number as a secondary means of contacting members, an address to which to send the burgee and cruising guide, and boat information.

What is Regular or Full Membership?

The voting membership of the East Coast Sailing Association shall be owners of sail boats. There shall be no other restriction to initial acceptance as a voting member. The spouse of the boat owner is included in the membership; two co-owners of one boat can be included in the membership. However, only one vote is allowed. A prospective voting member must be approved for membership by the board of governors. Any voting member who ceases to own a sailboat for any reason may elect to remain a voting member in good standing by continuing to renew their membership and pay the appropriate annual dues. Upon written request, a voting member who ceases to own a sailboat may elect to have their membership category changed to associate member. 

The regular member will also receive a club burgee for their vessel as well as a Indian River Cruising Guide with their membership.

For a downloadable membership form, please click here.