Navigation: What3Words

Thanks to our Treasurer, Grover, here is a handy way to navigate to any position in the world:

What? 3 words tells you exactly where I'm at?

Yes, and I don't mean "Raise the Sails".  I mean somebody with a lot of time on their hands has gridded the surface of the earth into 3-meter squares, and assigned a unique combination of 3 (english) words to each square.  Then they made a website,, and an app for your phone.  The apps use the built-in GPS to translate numeric GPS coordinates into three simple english words. 

For example, the 10' x 10' square that holds Windependence's cockpit is named ///moguls.credibility.showbiz.  We could meet there for cocktails, unless I've moved to the bow, which is within ///spellings.geology.tariff, or the stern, at ///donkey.things.defining.  The ice may melt while you look around trying to find a pencil to write down 28° 17.591' N 080° 41.782' W (degrees,minutes), or is it 28° 17' 34.54" N 080° 41' 51.541" W (degrees,minutes,seconds); or, wait, was that 28.2932° N 080.6964° W (degrees)???  Too late, the ice melted, and we finished the rum.

What3Words drastically humanizes and simplifies sharing your GPS position with others who are in the know.  So far, that includes the US Foreign Service, the Secret Service, and an increasing number of emergency hotlines.  I don't think it will take long for the major navigation software companies to join in.  Until then, you'll need your cell phone with the app while you're out. 

And that's why I'm writing about this.  When I get anchored off the Melbourne airport on May 15 for the Blue Angels airshow, I will tell you exactly where my anchor is.  In just three words.  Will you be able to find me?  Seriously, no fair using the ECSA burgee flying from my all-too-visible masts above my white hull and red sail covers !!!